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Heat Not Functioning 

  • If the heat in your massage chair is not functioning properly, double-check that your heat cord is fully connected. The 2 ends of the cord can be located under the seat cushion and on the bottom of the back pad. Then select the heat option on the remote and allow 5-10 minutes for it to fully heat up. 

Acupuncture Point Tracking 

  • When the SLAB - 1 is turned on, the massage chair will automatically start acupuncture point tracking to identify the user’s body dimensions.
  • If the massage chair cannot detect the shoulder position, the rollers will default to the highest position. 
  • To override: Wait for the acupuncture tracking to finish & listen for 5 beeps or buzzer ticks. At this time, the roller should be at their determined shoulder position; if the position feels incorrect, use the up and down directional arrows on the directional pad to move the massage rollers to the shoulders. “acupuncture point adjusting” will display & the new setting will be used. 


  • General cleaning- Lightly wipe down with a soft, dry cloth. 
  • If synthetic leather is dirty- Dampen a cloth with mild soap and water, wipe down with the damp cloth followed immediately with a dry cloth, and then air dry fully. 
  • Plastic parts- Use mild-soap and water to clean or natural detergent that is safe for plastics, wipe with a soft cloth and allow to fully air dry. 
  • Remote Control- Wipe with a cloth dampened in mild-soap or use cleaner for screens and electronics. Never use harsh chemicals or submerge remote control. 
  • Strong cleaning products are prohibited.

Shoulder Airbags Are Not Inflating

  • The shoulder airbags are supposed to inflate, they are attached with a single bolt in the middle of the airbag, located inside the airbag which you can access by unzipping the airbag. I have attached a link to our walk-through setup video, just in case anything was missed during setup. If everything was set up properly, there might be a defect, to check this please follow the steps below. 

  • First, remove one of the shoulder airbags. 
  • Then on your remote press "menu" then select "air pressure" and select "overall"
  • Then, with the shoulder airbag still removed, using your hand, check to see if there is air coming out of the shoulder panel holes. If there is no air coming out, please contact customer support. 

My Chair is Not Powering On

  • If your chair is not powering on the fuse may be burnt out. In order to change the fuse of your chair, switch off the massage chair and unplug the power cord, then open the cover to the fuse located on the power switch box, you will remove that small panel using a pin or a flat head screwdriver. If the fuse is burnt, there should be a replacement fuse inside the parts box. If not, or if you no longer have that box please let us know and we can send one out!
  • If the fuse is not burnt and the chair is still not powering on, double-check that the power cord is fully connected to the power connector. 
  • Then if everything is plugged in, we recommend attempting to use a different outlet. 

My Rollers Are Not Working

  • If your left and right massage rollers are different heights, this is a normal function. The massage rollers work on shifts. To stop this, please select a different massage. 
  • If the massage rollers are staying at the bottom position, or not moving to match the massage position on the remote display, please reach out to customer support.  

If the above information did not resolve your issue, please reach out to our customer support team. They can be contacted via email at [email protected] or you can use the chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the website to chat live with one of our representatives.