In the below article we will be going over the quick guide to setup your SLAB-1 Full Body Massage Chair. For further questions about installation, please refer to our Step-by-Step Setup Guide.


  1. Attach Shoulder Massage Panels by aligning the three pins on the shoulder massage airbags to the three holes on the backrest ensuring that the longest pin is in line with the bottom hole. Locate, insert and tighten the screw inside the shoulder panel using a Phillips screwdriver. Zip the cover closed. Repeat the above steps to install the other shoulder panel.

  1. Use the three screws provided to attach the arm of the Remote Control Bracket to the massage chair's right side with a Phillips screwdriver. Then use the round cover on the arm to cover the screws. Insert the remote in the holder. 
  1. Connect the seat cushion to the air pump by attaching the two air tube tips. Then, use the Velcro strips to align and attach the seat cushion to the chair frame.
  1. To activate the heat function, connect the black cord on the back cushion with the black cord under the seat cushion. Then Align and attach Velcro on the back cushion to the backrest, followed by aligning and attaching the Velcro on the back of the head pad to the back cushion.
  1. Insert the power cord into the power connector located on the power box.

For additional questions regarding the setup of your SLAB-1 Massage Chair, please refer to our Step-by-Step Guide.