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What are the dimensions of the Massage Chair?

  • The massage chair dimensions are 51"(L) x 31"(W) x 47"(H)
  • The dimensions of the shipping box are 50"(L) x 32"(W) x 38"(H)
  • The chair itself weighs 180 lbs, but with the shipping box, packaging, and pallet, it weighs a total of 220 lbs.

How do I set up my Chair?

  • Please use this link to navigate to our detailed setup article.  

Can I use this if I have a medical condition?

  • The Massage Chair is not recommended for those with a pacemaker or if you are pregnant or postpartum. We recommend discussing with your doctor if the Shiatsu Massage Chair is right for you if you have any concerns.

How many airbags does the chair have?

  • The chair has a total of 42 airbags.

Is my Massage Chair wireless?

  • The Massage Chair is not wireless. It has a lengthy six-foot-long power cord with a US standard plug.

Does the massage chair have heat?

  • Yes! There is heat in the lower back and feet. If you are unable to feel the heat, double-check that the cord is fully connected. It does not come pre-connected.

How long does it take to get my Massage Chair?

  • The massage chair will ship the following business day unless specified otherwise at checkout. Depending on your location from our warehouse, it will take 3-10 business days to get delivered to you. Should there be any additional delays, you will be notified via email

Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

  • Yes! We do ship the SLAB-1 Full Body Massage Chair to both Hawaii and Alaska, just not for free. We will cover up to $300 of the shipping costs, but anything beyond that the customer will be responsible for.

Will the shipping company bring the chair into my home?

  • There is the option to add white glove delivery to your order at checkout. If this add-on is purchased, they will bring it into your home, set up your chair, and remove all of the unwanted debris. If you have the standard delivery, it will be a curbside delivery only, and they are not allowed to enter your home. We recommend having a friend or family member there for the delivery if you need assistance.

How do I return my chair to the shipping position?

  • In order to get your chair back into the shipping position, first, you will need to remove the shoulder panels. Then there is a lever that you will need to pull. To locate this lever, you will need to be facing the back of the chair where the power switch is located. Where the chair meets the base, there is a small space; You will insert your hand into this space with your palm facing up. There will be a small lever there, and you will pull it towards you. This will then collapse the chair back into the shipping position.

Experiencing pain during your massage?

  • We are sorry to hear that the Slabway Chair Massager isn't providing the relaxation you are wanting, that is not our goal here. Shiatsu massage techniques target key pressure points to relax tense muscles and alleviate strain, this massager will target key pressure points such as Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Lower Back, Waist, and more! This helps to stimulate circulation with rolling and provides comfort with kneading and pulsing.

    Now the first few moments you are in the massager can be a little tense but as soon as your muscles begin to loosen up, you will feel much more relaxed. Below are some tried and true techniques that have helped others experiencing pain during their massage. 

    Use a pillow or thick blanket for your back

    This creates less friction while using the machine and provides a little extra padding while your body adjusts to the massage.

    Use the massager in shorter sessions

    Sometimes it takes a few sessions for your body to get used to the massager, try using it in shorter sessions, it can be somewhat painful at first if you need the tension released. There are also several different settings for the chair, and in each of those settings, you can change the intensity and pressure.

    Ask your doctor if the Slabway Massage Chair is right for you

    Some of our customers with health issues are unable to use the massager, so if you have previous health conditions that might affect the use of the machine, we ask that you get in touch with your doctor to see if this product is right for you.

If you would like to purchase a SLAB-1 Full Body Massage Chair, please call our sales team at (385) 273-0489.