What are the dimensions of my wrap?

  • The controller for the wrap is 6"(L) x 5"(W) x 2"(H).
  • The massaging part of the wrap is 22.5"(L) x 12"(W) x 15.5"(H).

Is the wrap wireless?

  • The product has cords that connect from the controller to the wrap itself. A detachable power cord is included; the wrap has to be plugged into the wall to work.

What parts of my body does it massage?

  • The wrap massages the heel, toes, arches, and calves.

Can I use this if I have a medical condition?

  • The wrap is not recommended for those with a pacemaker or those who have diabetes. Please ask your doctor if the Foot and Leg Massage Wrap is right for you if you have any concerns.

Does the wrap have a heat function?

  • A heat function is included! Simply press the button labeled "Heat" on the controller, and select your preferred temperature setting. We take into consideration that heat tolerance varies per individual, so the heat level for the unit is set for it to be comfortable for everyone. You may not be able to feel the heat through thick articles of clothing.  

  • The maximum recommended calf circumference is 20".