Slabway proudly ships with UPS, USPS, and select freight companies.


Upon completing your purchase with Slabway, you will receive a confirmation email. Please watch for this and confirm that you have received it. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact us to ensure we have the correct email address on file.


This is important because when your order dispatches from our warehouse, tracking information and updates are sent to you via the email address we have on file.


If you did not receive your tracking number or are unable to locate the email, we are happy to supply tracking details upon request.


Q: What if my item says shipped and tracking hasn’t been updated? 

A: We ask that you wait 1-2 business days to allow for tracking to update online. If it has exceeded the timeframe above and you are not seeing any updates with regard to tracking, please contact us immediately.


If you have purchased a Slabway Shiatsu Massage Chair, your order will ship with one of our select freight carriers. This process mirrors traditional parcel shipping with the exception that the carrier company will contact you to schedule the delivery of your massage chair. This means you will receive an email confirmation when your order is shipped and tracking information to watch for updates along the way.  

Please note: The email from which you receive this tracking information will come from a MyCarrier email address domain ([email protected]). MyCarrier is the system we use to ensure your massage chair order is shipped appropriately.