Thanks for checking our section on the Slabway Shiatsu Massage Chair! Here you will find helpful information on set up & tips to optimize your experience!



Set up


Here is the link to our walk-through set up video, We have also attached a downloadable copy of the manual below. 






A common topic we hear from our customer’s has to do with the acupuncture point tracking that the chair does on startup. 


When the SLAB - 1 is turned on and set to massage, the massage chair will automatically start acupuncture point tracking to identify the user’s body dimensions. The user must be sitting with their back completely against the chair for this to work properly. If automatic tracking is performed incorrectly, there is a manual override. 


To Override:  Wait for the acupuncture tracking to finish & listen for 5 beeps or buzzer ticks. At this time, the roller should be at their determined shoulder position, if the position feels incorrect, hold the up and down directional arrows on the directional pad to move the massage rollers to the shoulders. “acupuncture point adjusting” will display & the new setting will be used. 



Experiencing Pain During Your Massage?


We are sorry to hear that the Slabway Chair Massager isn't providing the relaxation you were wanting, that is not our goal here. Shiatsu massage techniques target key pressure points to relax tense muscles and alleviate strain, this massager will target key pressure points such as Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Lower Back, Waist, and more! This helps to stimulate circulation with rolling and provides comfort with kneading and pulsing.


Now the first few moments you are in the massager can be a little tense but as soon as your muscles begin to loosen up, you will feel much more relaxed. Below are some tried and true techniques that have helped other’s experiencing pain during their massage. 


1. Use a pillow for your back

This creates less friction while using the machine and provides a little extra padding while your body adjusts to the massage.


2. Use the massager in shorter sessions

Sometimes it takes a few sessions for your body to get used to the massager, try using it in shorter sessions, it can be somewhat painful at first if you need the tension released. There are also several different settings for the chair, and in each of those settings, you can change the intensity and pressure.


3. Ask your doctor if the Slabway Massage Chair is right for you

Some of our customers with health issues are unable to use the massager, so if you have previous health conditions that might affect the use of the machine, we ask that you get in touch with your doctor to see if this product is right for you.